Our Services

Since 1993, Armour Associates has specialized in providing custom consulting services to clients in the fine and specialty chemical industry throughout the world. Armour Associates helps clients to realistically assess and successfully respond to a broad range of critical growth opportunities and business challenges.

Armour Associatesí comprehensive range of consulting services includes market evaluation and business analyses; competitive intelligence; merger, acquisition and partnership assessments; business strategy development; intellectual property valuation; technology assessment; and other related services.

- Market Evaluation and Business Analyses

Proving clients with highly focused studies of market size, competitor positions and activities, customer requirements, competing technologies, pricing and distribution practices, and emerging trends and growth perspectives.

- Competitive Intelligence

Designing projects specifically to identify and analyze competitorís capabilities, plans, intentions, strengths, and weaknesses. The scope of competitive intelligence projects typically addresses hard and soft issues relating to financial performance, ownership, and organizational structure, products and market served, research and development capabilities, market image among customers, and apparent strengths and weaknesses.

- Mergers, Acquisitions and Partnerships

Actively working with clients to identify, screen, and evaluate potential targets for merger, acquisition and strategic alliances.

- Business Strategy Development

Assisting clients with developing both short- and long-term business strategies based upon a solid foundation of market understanding and business intelligence. Our strategy programs enable our clients to develop a competitive advantage based upon the realities of the marketplace.

- Opportunity Identification and Intellectual Property Valuation

Identifying new and emerging opportunities and ventures. Providing clients with an in-depth analysis of attractiveness, fit with client strengths, and assisting with negotiating with potential national and international licensors and licensees.

- Technology Assessment

Assisting clients to more successfully exploit technology by objectively evaluating the commercial potential for new products and by identifying and examining external technologies that may be of interest. Also helping clients improve performance by analyzing new product development and R&D structures and processes in specific target industries to develop a clear understanding of which practices lead to advantage and why.

The Benefits to our Clients

Through primary research techniques and highly pragmatic and objective analyses conducted by industry experts, Armour Associates provides its clients with accurate results that they can put into practice to solve complex business problems, improve performance and competitiveness, and grow and diversify.