Publications and Presentations

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Grignard Reactions,

published in the Kirk-Othmer, Concise 5th Ed., vol. 1-4 (2007)

Opportunities for Ionic Liquid Commercialization.

Interteck - PIRA Conference. Orlando, FL. December 12-13, 2006

Opportunities for Commercializing Ionic Liquids,

supplement to Chimica Oggi/CHEMISTRY TODAY, Vol. 24, No. 6 Green Chemistry/Ionic Liquids, p. 10-12 (December 2006)

America's Energy Needs - Future Prospects and Problems

Presented as part of "Learning on the Rails", Study Abroad Course, Honors Program, University of North Florida. May 2005

Products of Chemistry Dentifrice Fluoride,

Journal of Chemical Education, Vol. 81, p. 677-680 (May 2004)

Triflic Acid and its Derivatives,

Chimica Oggi/CHEMISTRY TODAY, March/ April 2004, p. 48-50.

Introducing Fluorine into Organic Compounds,

Specialty Chemicals Magazine, June 2003, p. 26-29.

Ionic Liquids as Green Solvents - Progress and Prospects.

American Chemical Society Symposium Series, Vol 856, p. 32-40 (2003)

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