Recent Projects

Fine Inorganic Chemicals

We assisted a large multinational company, with a very favorable raw material position in fine inorganic chemicals, to quantify the market size and growth potential for supplying a new range of chemical intermediates for pharmaceutical synthesis, electronics and high performance materials.

Specialty Chemicals

A small high-tech startup with a patented new technology in surface modification was seeking potential applications for their capabilities. We surveyed several possibilities, helped them select the most promising, and connected them with innovative companies in that field who were willing to test their technology. For the same client we also carried out a cost analysis for scaling up production of their product and identified several potential partnering manufacturers.

Technology/Business Acquisitions

A private equity investment firm making an acquisition in specialty chemicals included one of our senior staff on their due diligence team to provide an analysis of the value of the technology being acquired, future market potentials, and possible synergy with their other investments.


A major specialty chemical company sought our help to locate companies interested in licensing a technology package that was deemed non-core to their business development strategy.

Marketing Communications

We assisted an Asian chemical company who was seeking to expand their presence in the North American market by preparing and carrying out a marketing communications program designed to raise their visibility in their key target markets.

Business Strategy Development

The owner of a small, privately held, fine and research chemical business enlisted our help to formulate a 5-year development plan and exit strategy.

Market Verification

A new high tech startup corporation hired us to validate their estimates of market opportunity and potential prior to filing for an IPO.

International Asset Acquisition

A privately held South American specialty chemical company asked our help in valuing the acquisition of a European production facility as part of their globalization expansion strategy.

Technology/Business Tutorial

For the senior management team of a large international European based chemical company, which had just made an acquisition in specialty chemicals in North America, we provided a tutorial on the background technology, business structure, and market impact of the acquired business.